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Who Is Lynne (Nerger) Fidler?

My name is Lynne (Nerger) Fidler and I am excited to run for the Select Board of the Town of Marshfield. 

Why do I want to run for public office?
The Truth is Marshfield is where my parents met one another 65 years ago and decided to build a home.   This is where we were born. This is where we all stayed and raised our families.  This is where we went to school and my sister and my 2 brothers and all of our children graduated from this public school system.  Marshfield is our hometown.
I am running to be your next member of the Select Board based on my reputation for good judgment, integrity, honesty, fairness and strong family values.  These values were instilled in me by my parents and all of the educators in my life.  I have a life-long investment in and care about this community and I know I can help make our town a better hometown for all of us. Marshfield is where my family and I continue to own a small lumber and home improvement business, John Foster Lumber Company.  This business was incorporated in 1927, we support the town, its residents and numerous businesses located here.   
As a woman, I offer an alternative perspective…WE are a great town that can continue to thrive by being accountable for our actions, learning from mistakes, and exercising strong values.      
Since 2014, I have served as an appointed member of the Zoning Board of Appeals and have served as its Chair for the last 3 years. If you watch our biweekly meetings, have attended our meetings as an applicant or abutter, or have heard about our meetings, I pride myself on taking my time to consider the matters thoroughly in advance of the meetings.  I visit nearly every project we consider… to understand the needs of applicants and gain insight to understand the concerns of abutters and I  ask some very tough questions.  I look for alternatives to address concerns within a project and I am not afraid to make difficult decisions.  Most importantly, I strive to decide as best I can what is best for the town and consistent with the Bylaws.  As we all know, the pandemic led to unprecedented challenges for town government and the Zoning Board of Appeals… but, we never stopped working during the entirety of the pandemic and continued to get the work of the Board done.  I’m proud of the work of the Zoning Board and as a town during the past two pandemic years.    
I would also like to extend my gratitude for the town’s commitment to be on the forefront on so many positive things.  The dedication of our volunteers who have staffed the vaccination and testing clinics, is an example of OUR town showing that we go above and beyond.   I encourage you to always lend a hand and a heartfelt thank you to all those that do help!
I hope whether you own or are starting a small business or raising a family that you know that I’m going to be with you all the way!  It`s my intention to support every part of this town and its diverse needs.  I also intend to support our ever growing senior population and the high-quality programming in the new senior center.  I intend to continue to support public education and ensure that our teachers and administrators have all the resources they need to continue their mission of providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all.   Our town is amongst the safest in the country for its size!  We have a history of supporting our police, DPW and fire departments and we need to continue this.  It is important we KEEP these dedicated, hard working men and women working for Marshfield.
As a member of the Select Board, I will be thoughtful, dedicated and a strong leader. I will remain open to new ideas and always be passionate about helping Marshfield.  I look around this room and see how lucky I am to have you at my side.   You have given me the strength and encouragement to become a political candidate and I am excited to stand with you during this campaign!  

Committee to Elect Lynne Nerger Fidler
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